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An Overview

A well- established reputation of Europe as a world-class study destination is known to every student who thinks of studying abroad. A home to the world’s best Universities and the intention of retaining its position are the key reasons for its tremendous popularity. The top 10 Universities in Europe are also named as the top ranked Universities in the world. There is no scope as to why a student who is dreaming to study overseas, would not pick up Europe in the first place.

Why to choose Europe for abroad studies?

An impressive number of students apply for European Universities every year. It is their dream to study in Europe because, it gives them the access to European job market and the opportunity to establish themselves abroad. Another attractive feature is the affordability as compared to US and other countries. The colleges in Europe offer its international students, the chance to experience a life beyond studying as the curriculum is designed to develop the overall personality of the students.

Education Model in Europe

The European style of education consists of two years of early education (nursery cycle), five years of primary and seven years of secondary education.

Study In Europe

Primary Education

The primary education of five years in school is designed to imbibe the fundamental skills of reading, writing and basic mathematics in the students to create a solid foundation for further learning and academic, social and personal development.

Study In Europe

Secondary Education

The purpose of secondary education is to build on the learning outcomes of primary education and to prepare oneself for the tertiary education.

Study In Europe

Post-secondary Education

Students who have completed their primary and secondary education, start their tertiary education at the age of about 18. This is when the students strive to get into the best Universities in Europe to complete their bachelor’s or professional degree of their choice, in order to secure the best career path for themselves.

Eligibility to study in Europe

The eligibility to pursue your studies in Europe would be best explained by the study abroad consultants as they will have the perfect idea of your eligibility depending upon your choice of University and your academics. However, the basic eligibility would be:

  • Meeting the minimum age requirements
  • Having all the documents and academic transcripts, as required by your University/College

When you get lucky enough to have the received the acceptance letter from your desired Institute, you must apply for the Europe Student Visa from your home country to be able to enter Europe and commence your studies.

Intake System for Top Universities in Europe

The intake period is not definite across the Europe. It is dependent upon the country and the University cycle. However, in general terms, there are two major intakes – Fall and Spring.

The Fall intakes start in late August and ends in late December or early January whereas the Spring intakes begin in January and ends by early May.

English Proficiency Requirements

The English Proficiency requirements, again, is subject to the University you are applying to and the country you have opted for. But, one sure thing is that you will have to prove your ability to communicate in the language, which will be demonstrated through your scores in some standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS and/or PTE or some other specific tests as prescribed.

Further, you must take note of the fact that while Universities might accept either of the above tests, the requirements for Visa may be set (say UK does not recognize TOEFL for Visas). Therefore, you must ensure that the test you are appearing for must be recognized by the country’s immigration department as well.

By now, you must have got a fair idea on what it is like to study abroad in Europe and the technicalities involved. For any further assistance on your study plans, feel free to contact StudyAbroadExpert at +91 84485 80840.

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