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An Overview

United Kingdom is an attractive destination for both study and employment where one can easily live a peaceful life availing loads of benefits. To study in UK, there is no hiding fact that UK has one the best universities in the world with the giant names such as Oxford University & Cambridge University. Statistically speaking, UK is the second most popular destination for international students and London is rated as the best student-friendly city in the world. What more you can ask from UK.

Why opt UK for Study?

  • While you study in UK you will have the privilege of expand your knowledge, experience new culture, and meet new people. You will have access to countless benefits from the university with a unique chance to experience a great student lifestyle.
  • The primary benefit is that you can choose from more than 50,000 courses, in over 25 subject areas.
  • Another advantage is that, the courses in UK are normally shorter duration as compared to the other countries which results in reduced overall tuition fees and accommodation costs.
  • UK is blessed with quality of education while maintaining the position as a top study destination in the world. UK is equipped with highly-qualified teachers along with the top-notch infrastructure and excellent research facilities.
  • The country is home to one of the world’s most renowned educational institutions, with a diverse range from traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) courses to more specialized areas of study.
  • Affordability of studying in UK is major reason to choose UK over other countries. Comparatively, shorter duration of the Master’s programs (1 year) with both minimal tuition fees and cost of living.

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    Education Model in UK

    The education system in UK is an ideal education model that has inspired many academic model across the globe.

    • UK has a total of five stages of academic: (a) Early years, (b) Primary, (c) secondary, (d) Further Education (FE) and (e) Higher Education (HE).
    • UK has made compulsory Education for all children between the ages of 5 and 16 (4 in Northern Ireland).
    • Under the system, FE has not made compulsory but covers non-advanced education which can be availed at further education colleges and HE institutions.
    • For the fifth stage, Higher Education is considered beyond GCE A levels and their equivalent for full-time students takes place in universities.
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    Primary Education

    • The primary stage consists of three age ranges: nursery (Below 5), infant (5 to 7 or 8) and junior (up to 11 or 12)
    • The main motive of the primary education is to impart basic literacy and numeracy to all pupils, and establish fundamentals in mathematics, science, and other subjects.
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    Secondary Education

    • Secondary education in UK generally begins at the age of 11 years old.
    • Students falling under the age of 11-14, will have a broad range of subjects such as Music, Mathematics, Science, English, etc.
    • Upon reaching age of 14, students enter their first year phase of a 2-year process known as your GCSE (or SCE for those who are in Scotland). GCSEs are a set of exams that test the knowledge of students gained in the entire curriculum.
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    Post-secondary Education

    • Further Education
      • The system is generally post-compulsory education (in addition to that received at secondary school), which is different from the education offered in universities (higher education).
      • The education may be at any level ranging from basic skills training to higher vocational education.
      • United Kingdom’s FE includes the systematic education for people over 16, usually with the exemption of universities.

      Higher Education

      • Students with the age of 18 enters the higher education as undergraduates.
      • The structure of Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) comprises of all the descriptions of the main higher education qualifications.


    Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the official organisation responsible for managing all the applications to higher education establishments in the UK.

    • You can choose only – maximum of five courses on your UCAS application.
    • Meaning – either you can apply for five courses at only one university or college, or different courses at five different universities.
    • For the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge, they will only accept one application wherein you can only choose four courses in the (veterinary science, medicine or dentistry fields).

    Ensure you meet all Documents requirements.

    • Updated Passport
    • English language proficiency qualification
    • Must appear IELTS test or its equivalent to validate your proficiency in English language skills to complete your course
    • Proof of funds for your studies
    • A Tuberculosis test (medical)
    • Provide proof of possessing at least £1,020 per month for your living expenses throughout the course and tuition fees.
    • For those entering the UK, it is mandatory to have been cleared for Tuberculosis (TB) under a recognized medical institution.
    eligibility check list

    UK Intake System In Universities

    Admissions in colleges and universities in UK generally take place in two intakes. Some universities also refer it as terms. The intakes available for courses in the UK are described as follows:

    • Term 1:  September to December
    • Term 2: January to April
    • Summer: April to June
    • Students who miss the September intake can re-apply for the January intake.

    Some of the institutes that offer intakes in the month of January :

    • Bangor University,
    • Aberystwyth University,
    • Birmingham City University,
    • London School of Economics and
    • Manchester Metropolitan University.

    Some of the institutes that offer intakes in the month of September:

    • Birmingham City University,
    • INTO,
    • Coventry University,
    • Sheffield
    • Hallam University,
    • University of Westminster and
    • Kaplan International Pathways.
    English Proficiency

    International students who want to pursue further studies in the UK, must demonstrate sufficient spoken and written English skills to get admission in their chosen university. For this, applicants must take an approved language test to prove their proficiency in English and thus acquire a UK visa.

    You must also satisfy the eligibility requirements determined by the UK Border Agency in order to be granted a student visa (Tier 4 visa).

    • Different universities in the UK have their own unique standards for the English language, so students are advised to read the test score requirements carefully before heading for the process.
    • Various universities in the UK also provide English language classes and conduct exams to enable students to succeed in their studies.
    • There are a number of widely accepted English language tests available for students aiming to study in the UK.


    Different courses in the UK require different test scores level. They are described below:

    • Foundation courses- Minimum of IELTS band 5.5, with no component below 5.5.
    • Undergraduate courses- Minimum of IELTS band 6.0, with no component below 5.5.
    • Postgraduate course- Minimum of IELTS band 6.5–7.0.


    The TOEFL test is also one of the recognised English language tests around the world. It is generally accepted for Tier 4 student visas upon meeting certain requirements. However, the TOEFL test is no longer recognized by the U.K. Home Office as a Secure English Language Test (SELT) from students who are already in the U.K and planning to apply for a visa.

    Foundation courses Undergraduate courses Postgraduate courses

    You need a score of 72 with a minimum of:

    18 in Reading

    17 in Listening

    20 in Speaking

    12 in Writing

    You need a score of 79 with a minimum of:

    18 in Reading

    17in tenin Lisg

    20 in Speaking

    17 in Writing

    You need a score of 91 with a minimum of:

    20 in Reading

    19 in Listening

    21 in Speaking

    20 in Writing

    Some courses, especially those with a high level of discussion and writing, require higher scores.

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