10 Most Preferred Study Destinations

When you imagine studying abroad, what comes first to your mind? The beautiful landscapes, the marvelous architecture of your institute, and you roaming around with a diverse group of friends? Our mind pictures such scenarios because we always relate abroad with a better lifestyle and facilities that are beautiful, clean, and soothing. Similar is the case with our study destination. Therefore, we tend to prioritize the country over the program and the University.

Based on several factors like the quality of education, career-oriented programs, personality development, diversity and intermix of students, and the overall environment, here is a list of 10 countries that have emerged as the top study destinations –


It is a country that will never fail to meet any of your expectations. Name any factor that comes to your mind, be it quality of education, faculty, teacher to student ratio, choice of programs, cultural diversity, friendly and welcoming environment, safety and security, beauty, or anything; Canada will always emerge at the top. It is home to the top Universities of the world, and what makes it best is that it offers everything at an affordable expenditure compared to other countries.


This Kangaroo nation carries a great suave to itself. The country is known for its quality of education and offers flexible and sought-after management and accounting programs. It hosts several premium institutions that are a dream of many international students worldwide. Other than this, the country is a mystery that you should explore by yourself to have the best time of your life.


Speak of Germany, and you may feel like you are in a land of innovation and excellence. Germany has made its mark as an automobile and steel hub and is one of the international students’ favorite choices. There are plenty of options to explore as a student and a visitor both. The unique culture and language make up for the additional charms of this country.


The established reputation of the United States as an excellent education provider is undebatable to date. If we say the USA has everything for everybody, then this is not an overstatement. Indeed, this country has a lot to offer through the variety of programs through its various institutions. Yes, education can be expensive, and you need to prove your merit to stay in the country after graduation.


The UK is something where you would fall for the country instantly. The beautiful landscapes, British architecture, and ambiance are bound to leave you amazed. You will enjoy your stay as a student here, and there is no second opinion on the quality of the education provided here. The emphasis on real-life knowledge, innovation, and research makes this country a unique study destination.


It is hailed as the ‘heaven on Earth,’ and who wouldn’t want to be a part of this nature’s gift to humanity? Studying here will be that part of your life which you would cherish daily. Apart from this country’s beauty, it has an excellent standard of education and world-fame Universities that have been attracting students to study in Switzerland for a long.


One of the most popular destinations of Europe, The Netherlands offers a balanced mix of quality education and quality living to international students. All you need is to be good with English to adapt to the Dutch-dominated place quickly. It is a relaxed and soothing destination that would provide for the ideal environment to study.


For a sufficient learning experience, choose France! This country has always maintained a distinct elegance. You would experience richness everywhere, be it culture, cuisines, language, or your course. As much as the country is known for its uniqueness, it also offers excellent international students opportunities to undertake their educational endeavors. Some excellent institutes are a delight for the global population of students.

  1. SPAIN

Spain has been able to carve its path to emerge as one of the most popular study destinations. Apart from the quality education, it has provided envious charm in natural beauty and the opportunities to explore. As a student, you can expand your possibilities and develop your personality in this country.


Demark is considered to be a spiritually healthy place on Earth. Therefore, you get the most relaxed and calm atmosphere here. As a student, you will give yourself the best place to grow and develop your personality. You shall gain deeper insights, and you will always be inspired to learn and succeed in this country.

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