DU’s FYUP clears the pathway for International Masters

In line with India’s National Education Policy, the University of Delhi is liklely to introduce a Four-Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP), which benefits the Indian students who aspire for the international Masters. Delhi University is the most renowned University in India and is a significant source for the students who apply for their higher education abroad.

As far as pursuing a Master’s from an overseas destination is concerned, several Universities require 12+4 years of education that must include a Bachelor’s degree. A three-year Bachelor’s program that the University has provided to date was a hurdle for the students to enroll directly into the Master’s program abroad. The students were expected to undertake a diploma or some other bridging course to complete the 12+4 education requirement.

There is also the flexibility of choosing the program. The University shall provide a specialization at each of study. In the first year, the student would get a certification, the second year would be a diploma, and the third year would offer him or her a Bachelor’s degree, while the fourth year would be the Honors qualification. Due to this flexibility, the student can opt-out in the third year and apply for Masters abroad, where the Universities accept 12+3 years of education.

Indian education is on its way to revamp to become student-friendly and comprehensive. The National Education Policy is intended to bring about significant changes in the Indian education system that will allow students to seek higher education standards and be more desirable among the higher educational institutes abroad.

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