First-stage approval granted to 56000 Canadian study permits

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino has revealed that 56,000 Canada study permits have already got their first-stage approval. This figure is significant as these much applications have been approved despite the restrictions and challenges posed by COVID-19. Another important revelation made by the Minister is that the federal Government is closely working with Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) to devise the strategy on how to welcome international students again on the campus during the pandemic.

Though the second announcement has already been in news, Mendicino stated that Minister Patty Hajdu is working towards this cause. She is ensuring that the DLIs are meeting the public health requirements as per their respective territory or province. This compliance is necessary to safeguard the health of international as well the domestic students.

Though, a few DLIs are interested in having international students back, the travel restrictions are discouraging for the students to travel to Canada. The close working between Health Canada, provinces, territories and the DLIs is an effort to identify if the social distancing norms and safe quarantine would be efficient in welcoming back international students, ensuring their health and well-being.

As of now, the laws in Canada have mandated 14-days necessary quarantine for travelers who are coming to Canada. Apart from this, provinces and territories have their own quarantine measures that are to be followed strictly by the travelers to contain the spread of the virus.

Apart from these developments, Canada is already making significant reforms to support international students and their dreams of Canadian education. The notable ones are two-step study permit process and the provision of post-graduation work permit despite online studies, which comes as a huge relief for the international students who wanted to stay in Canada after their studies.

The first-stage approval of 56,000 study permits means that IRCC has given these students the approval on the basis of the proof of their admission and funds as well as other standard requirements. Now, these students will need to get a medical examination done, criminal background check and submission of biometrics for second-stage approval, as and when they are allowed to travel to Canada.

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