‘Landmark’ agreement with India to acknowledge qualifications empowers UK universities

On 21st July 2022, both UK and India signed an agreement that officially took into account the higher qualification offered by each of them. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by both UK and India, where they recognise capabilities.

Via this agreement, many overseas students shall be interested and attracted to study in the UK. When you calculate by the industry, it is estimated to be worth more than £100,000 to the economy as a result.

This deal is one of the events among the three implementing aspects of the UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership, which the Prime Minister approved during the previous year. This move taken by both countries has been accepted warmly and welcomingly by the universities of British origin.

This UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP), signed by Indian PM Narendra Modi and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson last year, equates to the fact that A-levels and their equivalents, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, shall have their status of recognition in India as well.

It shall permit the students of Indian origin to graduate from universities in the UK to apply for their postgraduate qualifications or get going with government careers which need these qualifications from the university when they come back home.

In 2021, it was observed that the UK and India are significant destinations for overseas students. With the UK going ahead to welcome 84,555 Indian students to the UK. India is also a pivotal destination for students from the UK who want to study overseas as a part of the Turing Scheme international education program.

Also, this agreement shall open the doors for British-based universities and make them appealing to overseas students from India. Not to forget the economic health it will provide to the UK because of its welcoming non-EU students. Also, it will increase the chances of students from the UK to travel to India to pursue their studies and give them a pathway to expand their educational and academic persona as a whole.

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