Part-time jobs for students: India v/s Abroad

As per popular belief, Indian students are not seen doing part-time jobs in India, while doing it in foreign countries is more of a mind-set and cultural thing.

To start with, India does not have a favorable environment for part-time work culture. Employers who hire people for doing odd jobs do not want them to be time-bound. They want them to be available at their call. Another reason is that, due to need, under and unemployment, the employers get full-time staff at the same salaries; therefore, they usually refrain from hiring part-time workers.

Even if students manage to find a part-time job in India, they are not looked upon favourably by other students. Society is not quite appreciative of a student doing odd jobs along with work or while studying. Dignity of labour is the missing. Even finding a proper part-time job is quite a task here.

Foreign countries have an encouraging environment that allows international students to take up part-time jobs. Unlike India, the students are paid reasonably, and it gets them extra money for daily expenses. Also, it adds to their work experience that would be highlighted in the resume. Most importantly, they are treated with respect for working part-time, and they are not being questioned or discriminated against by anyone.

Instead, Indian students feel happy about working part-time in foreign destinations. They gain confidence, learn to interact with people from a different nation. It gives them exposure, and the money they earn does help them in their foreign education. Several foreign Universities also have internship programs and graduation that allow students to learn and earn simultaneously and make them industry-ready for the future.

They also tend to choose country that allows them to work part-time on their study visa. As per student visa consultants, this factor plays an important role in deciding for to destination study abroad.