The Pandemic Effect: Priority Change in International Admissions

International students are one category that the pandemic has severely impacted. While most of them stayed determined to take overseas education, they were either forced to switch to online learning mode or else defer their study plans by almost a year. Amidst the life-turning event in 2020, international students’ parents have seen a significant shift in priorities.

As the international institutes deployed a digital infrastructure to provide quality education to the enrolled students, parents became more interested in online learning. As they offered the global standard of education to their children without spending heavily on the accommodation and living expenses abroad, it led to more parents’ inclination towards international institutes who would not have considered overseas institutes otherwise.

Another notable difference is the parents’ priority list who would be sending their children for education abroad. The factors were extra-curricular and other fancy features; the focus has shifted to the student support and wellness services. The parents have become more concerned about the institute’s sanitation and hygiene practices and the quarantine and social distancing measures for the students.

The third aspect where the impact is seen is affordability. With the economic loss, people have suffered a setback financially with less money to spend on international education. Also, the uncertainty has made them skeptical about spending heavily on education abroad. Therefore, this had to delayed plans, students moving to affordable institutes, request for fee relaxation, and loan provisions.

However, the fact remains that despite the financial challenges, the determination to pursue international education has remained strong. Further, the upcoming years might see a rise in admissions into foreign Universities overall provided the ongoing travel restrictions are eased and governments become more receptive to welcoming international students to their respective countries.

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