Victoria is ready to welcome international students again!

Students who have been waiting to study in Australia have good news here as the Victorian government is looking forward to hosting international students from early 2021. With the announcement of the International Education Short-Term Recovery Plan 2020/21, a list of measures has also been revealed, including opening the state borders for international students.

The other measures are to create a new scholarship program and growth hubs in the key strategic market. Victoria believes that international students are vital for its economic growth, and therefore this sector needs timely support and stimulation to bring about the necessary development and economic growth. Till 2019, international education has been the most promising and single largest export sector that valued nearly $13.7 billion and provided employment to around 79,000 Victorians.

Due to the pandemic, the sector has taken a big hit and has negatively impacted its people. It has caused a significant loss to the overall economy of the state. Earlier, Victoria witnessed around 250,000 international students moving to the state for higher education; however, less than 120,000 international students reside.

The restrictions have put the students through trouble, financial hardships, isolation, and insecurity. However, the new plan shall revitalize the scenario toward recovery. The Federal and Victorian governments are working closely to welcome international students by early 2021.

With this plan, the Victorian Government shall roll out scholarships, which will provide the necessary impetus to the international students to opt for Victoria to study abroad in Australia. Investments will be made towards marketing the quality standards of education in Victoria and its privileges to international students. It will also promote education, innovation, and technological hub to create awareness among international students. There will be efforts towards expanding the research funds and tools and technologies for international students for better career prospects.

Victoria has realized that international students are vital for its economic recovery, and serious steps are being taken to prepare the state and the institutes to welcome them back. Therefore, it is time for aspiring students to brace themselves for their higher education in the Victoria State of Australia.

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