Grim prospects to return to Australia for students until 2022

In a speech, the Federal Education Minister of Australia, Alan Tudge, indicated that there are challenges regarding the pandemic. The return of many international students like the pre-COVID times is not considered shortly. Though the students will be allowed with valid student visa Australia to enter the country through pilot programs in limited numbers and as per essentiality.

Recognizing the patience that these international students have kept during travel restrictions, the Minister hoped that the students would appreciate the reasonable concerns due to which the regulations have been imposed. He expressed the uncertainty of the time and said that as much as he would like to announce when the international students will be allowed to return, he cannot guarantee.

He emphasized the significance of vaccine rollout in opening the borders. He said that the vaccination is underway and that Australia shall invite many international students by the first semester of the following year. It clarifies that most international students will have to wait until 2022 to enter Australia unless they are eligible as per the criteria.

Though he appreciated the vaccines’ success in controlling symptoms, he was skeptical of whether it prevents transmission. He said that the picture would be more precise by the mid of this year, and then a decision can be taken to open up borders for the masses.

Returning a small number of students under pilot programs can be considered if they provide a valid plan for the students’ quarantine measures. It should be verified and approved by the Chief Health Officer of the state or territory. There should be space for quarantine of international students over and above the domestic students’ area.

New South Wales, South Australian, and Victorian governments have indicated that they will be coming out with the proposals. Sure, students will be allowed to return to the Universities in their respective states. These states have expedited international students’ return, significantly impacting the local lives and overall economy.

In another statement, Catriona Jackson, the chief executive of Universities Australia, has also expressed hope to welcome international students keeping in mind the long-term vision. She said that the Universities and the Governments have been working closely to develop a viable solution without compromising their health. She also referred to a 10-year international education strategy, which found a mention in Tudge’s speech.

If you are eager for your international education, there is no need to be disheartened as there are other top study destinations like Canada and UK that have been inviting international students. It is an equally desirable destination, and you can consider your educational prospects there.

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