2021 shows rising demand to study abroad in Canada, UK & USA

According to the recruiting agents from 70 countries, the dynamics for international education are rapidly changing, contrasting with the sentiment during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the students are attracted to overseas studies, especially study abroad in Canada. The factor influencing their decision is the government policies in response to the future of international students in the respective countries rather than the infection spread that happened in 2020.

Among the world’s top destinations, there is a positive attitude of the agents and the interested students towards Canada, the UK, and the USA. In addition, a significant boost is seen for the USA as the students are willing to study there under Biden’s administration. Other countries that are gaining traction are Singapore, Germany, UAE, and the Netherlands. On the other hand, Australia and New Zealand are still following strict border restrictions, and therefore, international students may have to wait another year to get back to these destinations.

The driving factor is the impact of government policies on the well-being of students. The numbers of the cases have negligible significance at present. It can be clearly understood by taking the example of Canada.

Though Canada is going through the third wave of the pandemic, the students are still interested in the country because of the student-friendly policies for study abroad in Canada. The country allowed international students to be eligible for a post-graduate study permit even if they pursued their studies online. Further, the international students in Canada received the benefits from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit. The Government was proactive in safeguarding their interests. Recently, the opening up a new immigration stream for 40,000 international students has also gained the students’ attention and the agents alike.

Similarly, the removal of the ban on H-1B visas by the Biden administration has given hope to the international students that they will be welcomed in the USA like the previous times. The uncertainty and negativity that prevailed in 2020 regarding the ban imposition are withering away with the new administration in place. In addition, the recent graduate route offered by the UK is ready to be rolled out from 01st July for international students that would allow them to stay and work there for two years. UK’s impressive vaccination rollout is another appreciating factor.

The countries with beneficial and welcoming policies for international students are attracting international students worldwide. Soon, there will be a huge demand for global talent at all these destinations.

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