Countries that host most of the international students

While deciding on an international study destination, a lot of determining factors come to mind. They are usually the country’s academic rating, the ranking of the institution you are targeting, expenditure, and the nation’s overall situation, be it political or social. The environment with clean air and water and adequate healthcare are other factors that also play an essential role.

However, by combining all of these, we can look up the countries with most international students to determine the ones that are students’ favorite. These nations are enjoying many international students because they offer certain features attracting students towards them. Let’s have a look at these countries –


Not deviated from its standing reputation as the first choice of international students, the USA has more than a million international students studying there. The reason being its highest quality of education, top-notch institutes with highly qualified professors, excellent infrastructure, and research and innovation capabilities. Despite being an expensive destination, the country has been the number one choice for the students. The flexible academic system, excellence in every field, and diverse culture are other major attractions for international students.


There is no doubt that the UK is the name after the USA that hosts the second-largest international student population. In 2019, close to 500,000 international students were pursuing their education from the UK. With Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham, the country has set a benchmark in providing a high quality of education that the other countries aspire to achieve. The sophisticated culture adds to the charm of the nation. Notably, Indian students in the UK have increased significantly in number over the last five years.


Because of the excellent quality of education and easy immigration options, Canada has become one of the most desirable study destinations. Over the years, the population of international students in Canada has increased by double-digits. There are numerous highly ranked Universities, infrastructure capability, and affordability. It is one country that offers an easy pathway to become permanent residents of Canada to the international students in the future through its Post-Graduate Work Permit after completing the graduation.


In 2019, there were around 490,000 international students in China. The country has been attracting a large number of students due to its affordability. The Chinese Institutes rank well globally, and they are keen on taking initiatives that would improve their performance to rise in the ranks further. Affordability is one big reason that attracts international students to China. There are plenty of options for deserving students to get partial or fully funded scholarships.


One of the world’s leading study destinations, Australia had more than 460,000 international students studying in Australian Universities in 2019. The factors that draw international students to this Kangaroo nation are the reputed Universities, high quality of education, and vibrant lifestyle. The country has a lot of Indian students studying here, second only to China.

Unsurprisingly, these top countries with the most number of international students are also the leading economies. They are developed, well-advanced in technology and research and are home to leading institutes. Being wealthy nations, they have a lot to offer to the international students. They can maintain their education standards and provide infrastructure and opportunities that they otherwise would not get domestically.

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