Indians top in the record number of approvals for Canada Student Visa in 2021

The year 2021 witnessed a gigantic surge in Canadian Study Visa approvals for eligible International Students. According to the statistics, 447,085 study permits were granted in 2021, a great hike from 400,920 approvals in 2019. Last year’s approval figures broke all the existing records available with the immigration department. The visa grants were given to both on-shore and off-shore students who applied for study visas; however, more than 300,000 international students were brought in from different countries. It is not surprising that the maximum number of study abroad to Canada student visas were issued to Indians in 2021.

The country is considered a safe and welcoming destination for all International students. It has an accessible world-class education system, strong public support, a favorable policy environment, and a flexible immigration policy framework. And now, International students are returning to pre-pandemic numbers with the opening of international borders, application processing, and government policies.

Below are the Canada Study Visa approvals corresponding to the source country:

Countries Number of Visas in the Year 2021 Number of Visas in the Year 2020 Number of Visas in the Year 2019 Number of Visas in the Year 2018 Number of Visas in the Year 2017
India 170105 80920 138680 107040 82935
China 56255 57875 84205 84995 82695
France 20165 7950 14530 13415 13220
Philippines 14550 4360 6330 4070 2750
Iran 11960 6975 9685 7035 4675
Korea 10640 10940 17000 16865 16700
Mexico 9775 3655 6255 5750 5440
Nigeria 9675 5850 7520 6510 5945
Vietnam 9315 9370 11615 12355 9865
Brazil 8585 6045 10230 10245 8865
USA 8360 4265 6700 6525 6925


Canada is strategizing to implement several study visa policies to attract international students by diversifying levels of study, location of research, and introducing a broad choice of high-quality institutions. The majority of the applicants and students come from India and China. Around 70% of the international students in Canadian universities have been from India and China in the past years. And, interestingly the influx trajectory is now more from India than China. It means Indian students gain maximum success with the approvals.

The country is pumping investments to attract more international student pools by implementing holistic approaches to building accountability and building inclusive environments on campus and in the broader community.

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