The booming population of International students in USA – 2020

It has been a decade now that India has continued to be the largest source of foreign students to the US, second only to China. In 2018-19, the number of students from India rose to more than 202K. The benefits to study in US for Indian students are access to high quality education, wide range of courses, research and training opportunities, international experience and stay-back permit given to international students. If you wish to fulfill your dream of studying in US, you must have a student visa (F or M), which will be determined by the type of course and University chosen.

US encourages the continued growth in popularity amongst the students to obtain their degrees from the United States. As per the ‘2019 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange’, US has witnessed an unprecedented growth in numbers of international students in 2018-19. Students from China and India make up for more than 50 per cent of the total International students population. If you wish to join the league, then you must obtain US student visa, which has to be applied well before in advance as it is time consuming.

For Indian students, studying in US is an excellent opportunity to mingle up with the international community of students and get first-hand experience of studying within a mix of various cultures. With China being at the top, India, South Korea, South Arabia and Canada are the five major countries who have their students attaining degrees in the US and emerging market countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Nigeria and Pakistan are also showing strongest growth over the years. International students account for 5.5 percent of the total International students studying in the US.

The popularity of technical education in the US can be understood from the fact that Engineering remained the largest academic field for international students in the previous year, whereas, 51.6 per cent of the International students opted for STEM fields in 2018-19. Additionally, the number of International students in Math and Computer Science programs grew by 9.4 per cent, surpassing Business and Management to become the second largest field of study for international students. All you need is a US study visa to become a part of the educational space, which you would have never experienced before.

With the increasing demand of quality education in India, many students are aspiring to study in US. Further, the US has welcoming attitude towards the international students. To quote the words of Marie Royse, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, “We are happy to see the continued growth in the number of international students in the United States and US students studying abroad. Promoting international student mobility remains a top priority for the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and we want even more students in the future to see the United States as the best destination to earn their degrees”.

In order to study in the US, certain US student visa requirements need to be fulfilled. Firstly, the college applied must be recognized by SEVP. The candidate must have residence in a foreign country, enough finances, strong relationship with home country and the intent to return after completion of course. However, the requirements are subjected to vary as per the duration of the course, the University applied for and other factors.

Looking at the favorable international situations, it is indeed a golden chance to study in US for Indian students. Since, the US economy is also benefitted by international students, it is highly probable that the US will be keen on inviting International students to pursue studies in their country in the near future as well. With proper and timely planning of application and visa filing, one can surely grab the opportunity of studying in one of the most popular study destinations worldwide.