Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada

In 2019, a record 642,000 international students were enrolled in Canadian universities and colleges. Over the past decade, the number of foreign nationals who study in Canada has tripled. With Canada becoming the world’s third most attractive study destination, after USA and UK, international students contribute roughly $22 billion to the economy, and support over 170,000 jobs.

This is one of the main reasons why foreign students are indispensable – and highly valued – in Canada. Students help sustain these academic institutions, and the national economy – but also receive many benefits in turn. Here are five of the most prominent reasons why every aspiring student must consider a university education in Canada:

Multiculturalism: The number of international students in Canada have been steadily increasing over the past few years. They come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and experience a safe, welcoming environment where they are fully immersed in Canadian culture and academics.

Excellent Education System: Some of the world’s top-ranking institutions, including McGill, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, etc. are located in Canada. These world-renowned institutions offer quality education, a wide variety of course taught by remarkable faculty, opportunities for exposure and peer learning, and internationally-recognized qualifications.

Affordability: Tuition fees and cost of living in Canada is significantly lower than that of other popular study abroad destinations such as USA, UK, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, etc. Universities also offer various scholarships and affordable accommodation. Students can also work part-time while studying, to fund their own education.

Easy Transition to Permanent Residence: Canada has more than 80 economic immigration pathways, and easy access to post-graduation work permits. Most immigration programs favor students who have a qualification from a Canadian academic institution. Thus, studying in Canada is a short-term investment for building a long-term future in one of the world’s most developed countries.

Employment Opportunities: Those who have completed a recognized academic qualification in Canada are considered more viable in the local job market. There are a variety of lucrative job opportunities – specially in the technology sector. While USA is restricting the entry of tech professionals, Canada actively attracts and retains tech workers to contribute to the local economy.

India is the top source of international students for Canada. In 2019, 34.5% of the total study permits issued by the Canadian government were granted to Indian citizens wishing to study in Canada. To identify suitable courses and universities, prepare and submit strong applications, and complete the visa process without any glitches, it is best to seek the guidance of experience consultants at Study Abroad Experts – where we hand-hold students at every step of their journey, and launch them on the path to success.