UAE hosts most of the Indian students, followed by Canada

This may sound surprising, but UAE has surpassed the USA in becoming the nation with the maximum population of Indian students. Despite the ever-increasing demand for USA education, the unfriendly policies have discouraged Indian students from applying for Universities in the USA. There has been a drop in the number of students overall and new enrolments as well. On the other hand, UAE has emerged at the top for hosting maximum Indian students where most of them are the ones who have joined the campus because their parents are working in the country.

Another reason for UAE being a hotspot for Indians is that there are Universities in India that have their campuses established in UAE as well. It is an attractive feature for Indian students because they get international experience and exposure while enrolling with a domestic institute. Usually, these students have to pursue their end semester abroad.

Following UAE is Canada, the most sought-after destination for Indian students. While UAE has a distinct population of Indian students, to study in Canada is a choice. It offers quality education, is home to world-class universities, has immigration-friendly policies, and provides the opportunity to stay in the country after graduation. All these factors make it highly alluring for the Indian students who have the resources and wish to give a perfect start to their career. Also, Canada is affordable as compared to countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. Factually, India is the most significant source of international students for Canada.

The anti-immigrant sentiment that was reflected during the Trump administration directed students towards other countries like UAE, Canada, Australia, and other European countries. Also, UAE is preferred due to its proximity to India and its large Indian community. It is convenient to find someone to approach in case of any emergency. It gives confidence to the parents as well as the student to move abroad for higher education.

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