What makes the UK the trendsetting study destination?

In a survey of around 300 study abroad agents from 54 countries, the UK has emerged as an outstanding performer among all study destinations. Its ‘open and welcoming’ attitude towards international students is the key driver. The research revealed that the students were not factoring in the governments’ response towards the pandemic while choosing a study destination abroad. The primary factor dominating the decision to study overseas is a country’s reputation as a safe, stable, and welcoming destination.

Among the popular countries known as best education providers, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are considered more ‘safe and stable’ among international students than the USA and the UK. On the other hand, the UK emerged as the most’ welcoming and open’ nation favorable for international students. This factor has been ranked the highest among the education agents spread across various countries.

The survey mentions that being safe and stable is not a comparable entity to being open and welcoming. However, it is essential for education agents that a country is accommodative and interested in welcoming international students compared to how it has handled the pandemic. In this respect, the UK has emerged as the friendliest study destination leaving other countries behind by a significant margin.

Another positive factor that makes the UK an outstanding performer is that the agents’ sentiments have changed towards handling the COVID-19 pandemic over the few months. Opinion has changed in favor of the UK compared to the study conducted in May 2020.

The UK’s positive approach to inviting international students has influenced the international students’ decision to decide on a study destination. The recent policy changes in the study visa have also attracted students to study abroad in the UK. Considering other factors such as health, social, or political, all the countries have performed almost equally.

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