Become a Nursing Graduate in Canada and explore opportunities

It took a pandemic to understand the significance of Healthcare professionals.

We all know that our Healthcare workers played an essential role in improving the wellbeing, delivering selfless services, and flattening the curve of the Covid-19. The world needs more healthcare and essential workers, particularly during and post-pandemic era. Do you wish to become an International Nursing Graduate? Canada Study Abroad offers immense opportunities to pursue your international education and further employment and permanent residency.

Healthcare is one of those industries that will stand the test of time and create more opportunities for its workers. Once you attain a nursing degree from Canada, you will be able to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit for a maximum of 3 years. Thus, you can work in Canada in any healthcare institution for three years, and meanwhile, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. Having Canadian experience and education can solidify your chances of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident.

According to the Ontario Universities Application Centre report, there are 22,533 nursing applications submitted in Jan 2021.

Below is the costs and earnings of studying in Canada:

  • Average Nursing Education Cost in Canada – CAD 12,000 (INR 7.26 Lac) to CAD 20,000 (INR 12.1 Lac) – annually
  • Average Registered Nurse Salary in Canada – Over CAD 80,000 (INR 48.4 Lac) – Per Annum
  • Average Experienced Registered Nurse Salary in Canada – Over CAD 95,000 (INR 57.4 Lac) per annum.

The cost and earning statistics mentioned above are enough to understand that your return on investment on your Canadian Education is fourfold with the projected Salary.

Below are some of the best Canadian Universities for Nursing Graduation:

University of Toronto – Choosing this University on your Canada Study Visa opens opportunities to engage with expert clinicians, scientists, and theorists. You can also have access to a variety of interprofessional and interdisciplinary experiences related to this profession. The University is ranked in the top 10 in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020: Nursing.

University of Alberta – Secondly, you can opt for this University, which has strong Faculty of Nursing and offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs. It invests heavily in its health programs and infrastructure. As a result, they have a multi-million-dollar Heritage Medical Research Centre and Nursing Simulation Centre for students.

McMaster University – According to QS, the University is ranked among the top 20 nursing schools globally. They offer simulation-based learning for the students that provide the perfect opportunity to practice in a safe clinical environment and develop their confidence.

McGill University – Founded in 1920, the University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level nursing programs. It is associated with five different Montreal hospitals with over 1,000 students who graduated from its program.

Queen’s University – The University has a unique offering related to children, mental health, maternity, acute, and community care. Students can benefit from simulation sessions that can help their careers in various specialties such as maternity, mental health, children’s health, and gerontology.

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