Canada extends more benefits to international students

Since the advent of the pandemic, the Canadian Government has taken innumerable steps to support international students. The country recognizes the contribution of international students economically and socially. During the pandemic, the country offered open work permits to students taking online classes in their home countries. These students are eligible for Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) even if they pursue half of the program from their homes.

Considering the present situation where students will have to stay back in their home countries and continue with the online classes for several more months, the Canadian Immigration Minister announced the extension and expansion of the temporary relaxation in the PGWP Program.

As per the Honorable Minister’s latest announcement, the international students continuing with their online courses will be eligible for the PGWP program after graduation. The pandemic will not be able to hamper the benefits they shall otherwise get if they had been present in the country.

It means that even if the student completes his entire course online, they will still be eligible to apply for the PGWP if enrolled with the program. It is a significant step in encouraging students to look for settlement in Canada after their graduation. Canada is always on the lookout for skilled talent globally, and these international students are potentially desirable to become permanent residents of Canada in the future.

In 2019, nearly 60K international graduates in Canada successfully applied for permanent residence in Canada. They contribute largely to the nation’s growth and development and address the country’s aging population challenge. Canada is well aware of the benefits of international students and takes continuous efforts to ensure their well-being.

These international students will be placed in technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, and several others on their PGWP. They will be able to settle and build their successful career in Canada with this extended Canadian government support.

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